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About this site

Hello and welcome to Indy Docs-the on line web sight for Adoption Harmony Dossiers, Ltd.  Please feel free to use this site to help in assimilating your international adoption dossier.  To reach the dossier specialist, contact  Adoption Harmony Dossiers, karyo69@aol.com or (512) 565-4511.  The Adoption Harmony Dossiers price packages can be found at www.adoptionharmony.org/dossiers-intro-pricing.

This site has been set up by Adoption Harmony Dossiers to help adoptive parents, facilitators and adoption agencies in completing their paperwork for international independent adoptions.  Examples and instructions for each dossier document in the Adoption Harmony Dossier Guides and the online documents will help you or your clients to create a dossier to adopt with confidence in their paperwork.   Please check with us at any time if and when you have questions.

If you are new to Adoption Harmony Dossiers, you can only view public posts and pages, like this one.  Clients can access the password protected pages that contain the documents and the guides for their specific country.  So please decide what type of dossier services you will need so you can get started by looking at the dossier preparation service packages available at  Adoption Harmony Dossiers.  As an Adoption Harmony Dossiers client you will be issued a personal password to access the online documents at anytime.  A personal dossier specialist will be available to work with you Monday-Friday 9-5 and by appointments on Saturdays and Sundays.

The documents on INDY DOCS have been created using the original forms as required by the governments involved in inter-country adoptions.   The recreation of these documents involves research to keep documents up-to-date and to make them in English for you to view and use.  The documents have specific instructions and formats that need to be followed unless you are directed otherwise.

Adoption Harmony Dossiers does not provide free documents, but rather provides a comprehensive dossier document guide for the country in which you are adopting.  We do free consultations and help find a dossier package that will fit your needs.

Tips:  Alter documents where necessary to suit your situation, but keep the basic format the same.  These are proven and tried formats that have been accepted by judges and foreign governments in adoptions that are completed.  Doing your documents yourself?  Printing out your originals of documents on 8 1/2″ x 11″ presentation quality paper is a nice final touch.

At least 3 copies of each original is necessary.  2 will be used for the adoption and 1 original will be your backup.  Countries, like Russia, that have moved into the 2-Dossier process, will possibly require your backup originals for Dossier 2 if they are not outdated.  Save all your backup originals and documents on your computer just in case!